Orange County Bassmasters

Constitution and Bylaws

Last Updated 3/2012

amended 4/2015 Section 3 - Membership Dues


Article I - Name and Purpose

This chapter shall be called the Orange County Bassmasters.

It’s purpose shall be:

1)    To improve our skills as bass anglers by sharing ideas through events, activities, and inter-club interaction.

2)    To endorse a policy which includes flexibility, fellowship and sportsmanship.

3)    To promote public awareness of sport fishing as pleasurable and fulfilling past time.

4)    To promote strict adherence to all State DEC regulations.

5)    To have fun away from the pressures and politics of a daily routine.

Article II - Membership

Section 1 - Membership requirements

a)    Sustained on a continuous basis, no less than 60% of the club’s membership shall be registered with  “boater” status.  A boater is defined as a member who has intent to fish each club tournament event with a ‘tournament approved boat’ which they either own or are authorized to utilize.  For each club tournament for which the boater participates, the boater shall allow one non-boater club member per tournament to fish with them in their boat.  A “tournament approved boat” is defined in the Chapter Tournament Rules, which may vary in definition from year to year as situations change.

b)    All members MUST maintain membership in B.A.S.S. Federation Nation, and maintain their B.A.S.S. Membership  (Bassmaster Magazine) subscription . 

  Special Note

All members are urged to maintain membership with New York State B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation  (NYSBCF) as well. A NYSBCF membership must exist if a member:

 (1) is to participate in any NYSBCF tournament or (2) is to participate in the NYSBCF Club Team Event.  To be eligible for the 6- man team event a member must have been a member of NYSBCF and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation for the year in which the 6- Man Team Event ranking occurred and be a member of  NYSBCF for the year which the event takes place and (c) has paid at least $xx minimum Orange County Bassmasters dues for the year which the event takes place.


Section 2- Filling of Membership Vacancies

To become a member a person shall:

a)    Voluntarily express a genuine interest in membership at a regular club business meeting.

b)    Be sponsored by one club member who can attest to the applicant’s character integrity, ability and intention to act with high standards of sportsmanship, volunteerism and as a member of Orange County Bassmasters.

c)     Submit an application for membership approval.

d)    An un-sponsored  applicant must attend two meetings.  At the second meeting the applicant must be approved by at least a 2/3 majority of those present at a regular business meeting. The candidate must be able and committed to pay the minimum dues required at the meeting for which the vote takes place or the voting process will be postponed to a future business meeting when all conditions are met.

e)     Pay membership dues as declared under Section 3 Membership Dues. At least the minimum payment must be received on the business meeting which the person becomes a member for the club year.

f)     Boaters must show proof of liability insurance (minimum $300,000) prior to using his boat in any club tournament.  A candidate boater member must agree to this prerequisite for being considered to be voted in as a member of the club, or apply for an available non-boater position.

g)     Be of age 18 years or older on or before the first club tournament is conducted.  

Exception:  An age exception will be considered for any candidate who is under the age of 18 but is at least 16 years of age if and only if evidence can be provided prior to their application acceptance that they (1) have been a member in good standing of any officially recognized B.A.S.S. Federation Nation junior club for one full year prior and (2) have successfully passed the New York State Boater Safety Course. 

h)    As of 03/05, the club has voted to make Anna Velie an honorary member.


Section 3 - Membership Dues


In addition to the base requirement to have a valid/active BASS Magazine membership,   every Orange County Bassmasters member must pay (1) annual OCBM General Membership dues, (2) annual BASS Federation Nation dues and (3) optionally, New York State Bass Chapter Federation (NYSBCF) membership dues.  All dues are to be paid through the designated OCBM Club Treasurer.


(amended 4/2015) All renewal/returning members from the prior year must pay their dues in full by the April business meeting with a minimum down payment of $50  $25 received at the January business meeting to be considered a counted/active member in the club boater/non-boater ration calculation.    Please be considerate of the club's need to manage the boater/non-boater ratio to sustain the 60:40 ratio rule.   Members who attempt to join late can be at risk of acceptance based on membership conditions of maintaining the 60:40 boater to non-boater ratio.  


No individual shall be allowed to participate in any tournament draw until they have paid their membership dues in full and the status has been verified by the club treasurer.   New members shall receive a club patch if available, a roster of the club members, a copy of the Club Constitution and By-Laws, and a copy of the Tournament Rules and Guidelines.


Membership Dues Detail:

(amended 4/2015)

1) Required Annual General Membership Dues: $25.00 to contribute to the club operations expenses


2) Required Annual BASS Federation Nation Dues:  An additional $30 with no prorating special circumstances.  EXCEPTION:  If the member has already paid or plans to pay their annual BASS Federation Nation membership dues thru another BASS affiliated club they belong to, then this $30 fee does not need to be paid through Orange County Bassmaster Treasurer.


3) Optional NYSBCF Dues: An additional $20 per year for membership in the New York State BASS Chapter Federation is encouraged.  This entitles the angler to a one-year subscription to Fishlines Magazine, membership to private forums on, and the ability to participate in NYSBCF-organized tournaments. All memberships expire on December 31st.

OCBM 6-Man Team Rule: This fee is required to be paid by every member that fishes on the Orange County Bassmasters 6-man Team for both the year that the ranking was finalized and the (following) year this NYSBCF Club Team Championship (CTC) Tournament takes place.  If a member is aspiring to fish the next season's CTC 6-Man Team Event based on their year end result ranking for the current year, then this fee becomes required and not optional.  Effective as of the 2004 Club Team Championship to qualify for the CTC all anglers on the team and the club must be members in good standing and meet all of the guidelines of the NYS B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation in the qualifying year, on or before September 1st of the qualifying year, as well as the CTC Tournament year.

Article III - Officers, Elections, Vacancies and Eligibility

Section 1 - Officers of the Chapter and their duties

a)         President:

1)    Presides over regular meetings.

2)    Advocates active support of the club’s purpose and encourages the participation of all members at all meetings.

3)    Coordinates the Advisory Council as the need arises and integrates ideas and opinions into working principles and proposals.

4)    Handles intra-club communication.

5)    Is responsible for filling temporary vacancies of any officer.

b)         Vice- President/Treasurer:

1)    Shall assist the president in his duties and preside in the absence of the president.

2)    Maintain accurate financial records and reports at each meeting.

3)    Must establish an annual budget and present it to a regular business meeting in February for approval.

4)    Maintain the Membership Roster.

c)         Secretary:

1)    Maintain accurate minutes of all meetings and handles all necessary correspondence relating to Chapter business.

2)    Update and maintain the Constitution and Bylaws and Tournament rules and be sure written copy is provided to the webmaster for posting,

d)         State Representative:

1)    Represents the Chapter at state meetings of the NYSBCF and is responsible for all communications between both organizations.

e)         Tournament Chairman/Director

1)    Presides over all tournament functions and governs them as expressly identified in the Chapter’s Tournament Regulations.

2)    Shall appoint a committee of not less than two members to assist in his duties, including maintaining the tournament score sheets, tournament records, club weigh-in scale, and updating the tournament regulations.

3)    Is responsible for the preparation and presentation to the club, not later than the April meeting, a proposal of sites and dates.

f)         Advisory Council/Steering Committee:

1)    Shall be comprised of the current club officers and is open to all other members whose input, directly or indirectly, is welcome.

2)    The Council serves as a club tool, apart from regular meeting, to define, discuss and resolve conflicts or problems, to propose that which supports the club’s purpose and to formulate proposals for club approval, disapproval or modification at the next regular meeting.

Section 2 - Nominations and Elections

1)    Nominations for the election club officers shall be made from the floor at the November meeting and the election shall occur at the December meeting.  Nominated members must be in attendance.

2)    Election shall be made by secret ballot by a simple majority of the members present.

3)    Only dues-paid members are entitled to vote.

Section 3- Term of Office

1)    Shall be one year beginning January 1st.

Section 4- Vacancies

1)    In the event an office becomes vacant, the President shall appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term of office.

Article IV - Constitutional Amendments

This constitution may be amended, provided notification is given at least one meeting prior to the vote. A 2/3 majority will pass the amendment at the meeting.

Article V - Rule Enforcement

Blatant disregard for the club policy or rules will be reviewed and penalized as the need arises. Members must keep in mind flexibility and leniency in their enforcement of by-laws, as well as the club’s advocating of “fellowship”. Proposals for penalties shall be presented by the Advisory Council/Steering Committee to the membership present at the next regular meeting, for approval by simple majority of the membership present.

Article VI - Affiliation

This chapter shall be affiliated with B.A.S.S. of Alabama, B.A.S.S. Federation Nation and New York State B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation.

**Orange County Junior Bassmasters shall be affiliated with Orange County Bassmasters Inc.

**Amended 03/01/04

Article VII - Order of Business

All regular business meetings shall cover the following topics:

1)      Reading of the previous meeting’s minutes.

2)      Reading the Treasurer’s Report.

3)      Old Business (may include Advisory Council proposals).

4)      New Business.

5)      Fishing related activities or discussions as well as presentations of certification to the most recent tournament winner.

6)      Coordination of free time to buddy fishing.